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Here you can catch up on the latest news in negotiation, uniforms, policies, events and much more. You can also file grievance reports, health and safety inquiries and contact your LEC and MEC reps. Serving councils 56, 79, and 88.

04 February 2014 ~ Comments Off


It’s been a VERY hard and long few months. I want to thank everyone for all the hard work you’ve put in out there with all the snow issues and cancelation of flights. Lets start with negotiations. We’ve not been able to hold a full negotiations due to Kenley being out sick for the past […]

29 March 2013 ~ Comments Off

Online Contract

You can now view our current Flight Attendant contract online HERE. You can also find it at MesaAFA.net, right side of the screen, near the bottom under the Contract/Agreements header.

26 October 2012 ~ 2 Comments

PSA’s Contract Highlights

I was reading today on PSA’s AFA site afapsa.org and I came across their new Contract Highlights and I thought maybe a few of these might benefit us? What do you think? Contract Highlights Section 2: Definition Added language to protect Flight Attendant travel benefits in the event of any merger of acquisition. Section 3: […]

15 October 2012 ~ Comments Off

What Is A Grievance

WHAT IS A GRIEVANCE? The textbook definition of a grievances the violation of the terns if a contract or interpretation or application of a contract. A grievance is more than likely violation of an employee’s rights on the job, a right that is usually but not defined by the contract. A grievance may exist if […]

16 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

MEC Meeting Agenda 9/2012

MEC MEETING AGENDA September 21-24 2012 Radisson Hotel 427 North 44th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 September 21st 900-930 MEC Officer update 930-1000 MEC Hotel Chair Update (Leah Thomas) 1000-1045 MEC Health and Safety Chair Update (Thomas Brown) 1045-1100 BREAK 1100-1130 MEC RSV Chair Update (Natalia Lopez) 1130-1200 MEC Uniforms Chair Update (Betty Brown) 1200-1300 LUNCH […]

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11th anniversary of September 11th


As we approach the 11th anniversary of September 11th many of us will begin to plan how we’ll recognize this day. Anniversaries offer an opportunity to acknowledge our memories and experiences to connect with others who share in them and to pay tribute to our individual and collective journeys. They can also serve as personal […]

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Test Poll

02 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

Available Positions

We are still looking to fill the following positions:MEC Communications Chair, MEC Legislative Affairs Chair, MEC Mobilization Chair, and the MEC Uniforms Chair. These are all very important Committee Chair positions to fill as are all of our positions. If you are interested in any of these positions please send your resume’ and intent to […]

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We know there have been issues with the 200% VOL flying.

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Under Construction!

Note this website is still under construction. If you need assistance please contact your local LEC rep.

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